A wok, a round-bottom and now also available flat-bottom, bowl-shaped pan used for centuries in Chinese kitchens. This unique-shaped pan was designed out of necessity to conserve on fuel because a wok conducts heat very efficiently; uses up little kitchen space since a wok takes the place of many pots and pans. With your wok you can stir-fry, steam, braise, sauté, simmer, deep fat-fry, stew and even smoke.

The advantage of using a wok rather than a skillet or dutch oven is that the flared sides and depth permit rapid tossing of many ingredients and the use of a minimum of oil. The bottom of the wok gets extremely hot and the sides remain cool, thus, the food is cooked in the bottom and tossed to the sides; with this constant motion, vegetables are cooked just right…in the hot bottom, then tossed to the cool sides--quickly, efficiently, nutritiously!

Wok shopping? Wokology 101 might answer a few questions and help you decide before purchasing your wok.

Do you need wok ring ($2.95) to stabilize your round bottom wok on the stove?

Watch our video on how easy it is to season a wok.

What are the "Wrongs in Woking"? Watch a short video on how to wok right featuring Grace Young, best-selling author of "The Breath of a Wok."

Carbon Steel  Wok Set
New! Pow Wok w/ Flat or Round Bottom,Hollow Metal Handle, USA Made
10" Mini Pow Wok, Set/3pcs
The Wok Shop's carbon steel hand hammered 'pow' wok
The Wok Shop's carbon steel hand-hammered pow wok, wood handle
iron 'pow' wok
carbon steel wok w/ side handle
Quintuple marble coated(aluminum core) non-stick wok pan by Kopan(Evermore)
wok with 2 steel handles
wok with 2 wood spool handles-round or flat bottom
Heavy Gauge stainless steel wok w/lid
traditional cast iron wok
iron/enamel classic wok
stainless wok from china
14" Stainless Steel Wok Set
hand-hammered wok (WC)
10" carbon steel mini wok w/ wooden handle, USA made
Stainless Steel USA-Made Wok
Stainless Steel USA-Made Wok w/Long Wood Handle and Helper Handle
Stainless Steel USA-Made Wok w/Two Wooden Spool Handles (Lid Sold Separately)
Traditional cast iron wok set
WokShop hand hammered w/2 metal loop handles wok
Hand-Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok w/Hollow Metal or Wooden Handle
mini wok 5 piece set for small portions
The Wok Shop's 14" Hand-Hammered Pow Wok Set, 6 pcs
non-stick wok
Joyce Chen 11.5" Cast Iron
Joyce Chen 14" Cast Iron Wok
USA-made pow wok set
Heavy 12" cast iron wok(temporarily discontinued)
Excel Steel 13" Cast Iron Wok
pre-seasoned wok
All Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok