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bamboo steamer with adapter

bamboo steamer with adapter
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Product Description

The Aluminum adapter with 7" diameter opening, allows 8", 10", or 12" bamboo steamer to be used with an ordinary pot. Frees up your wok so that you can stir fry and steam simultaneously. Place water in pot, adapter sits on the pot and bamboo steamer sits on the adapter. Steam travels upwards and steams your food. Very practical, affordable , easy storage.

Bamboo steamers: 8" set/3 w/adapter 10" set/3 w/adapter 12" set/3 w/adapter

Separately: 8" bamboo steamers, set/3 pcs. 10" bamboo steamers, set/3 pcs. 12" bamboo steamers, set/3 pcs.

Aluminum adapter, $7.95 12oz.


steamer adptr
8 inch bamboo steamer with adapter (on sale)
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