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Bamboo Steamer Set, 5 pcs.

Bamboo Steamer Set, 5 pcs.

Product Description

Affordable, ideal steamer set:

13" stainless steel wok with two black bakelite handles, wok ring to stabilize the wok, 10" bamboo steamers set of 2 racks and lid, hot dish lift tongs, shallow carp design porcelain steam bowl = 5 pcs. = $39.95 8 lbs.

Easy to steam. Place water in wok, bamboo steamers in wok above water and steam. Bamboo lid absorbs the steam so there is no condensation build up. If steaming fish, small items, eggs, etc. place in shallow dish, place dish in bamboo rack, cover and steam. Retrieve dish with hot dish lift/tongs. Bamboo steamers ideal to steam tamales, hot dog buns, tortillas, custard...no condensation build up.

Sold separately: 13" stainless steel wok $19.95 3 lbs.

10" bamboo steamer set/3 $14.95 4.5 lbs.

8" porcelain shallow dish $3.95 1.5 lbs.

Wok ring $2.95 5 oz.

Hot dish lift tongs $1.95 5 oz.


13" stainless steel wok
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10" bamboo steamer set/3
This item is currently out of stock!
8" porcelain shallow dish
This item is currently out of stock!
wok ring
hot dish lift tongs