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Bowls, Dishes & Chopsticks

Blue Carp (Fish) Dishes
Traditional Blue and White Rice Pattern Porcelain Dinnerware
blue willow dishes
individual or set $1.00-3.95
Celadon Dinnerware
melamine plastic dishes
$0.79-3.95-39.95 (set)
Moss green ceramic square sushi plate
cinnabar and black lacquer bowls (5)
honeycomb bowls set (6)
honeycomb design serving bowl
wooden rice bowls
lacquer bowls
antique wall-mount green ceramic chopstick holder
Natural Bamboo Chopsticks
Fancy Chopsticks
natural bamboo chopsticks with a twist
Stainless Steel Chopsticks
Stainless Steel Chopsticks - Lucky Red with Chinese Character for Happiness
Bamboo Cooking Chopsticks
$3.00 - $5.00
Bamboo Cooking Chopsticks w/ a Twist, 2 pairs
Stainless Steel Cooking Chopsticks, 2 pairs
kawa wood soup spoons
Black poly carbafil (glass fiber-polymers) chopsticks
Ninja Chopsticks
Cat Pattern Bowl
Flower Pattern Rice Bowl Set
Regular price: $24.00
Sale price: $22.00
Koto Cat Dishes (4 Pieces)
Fuji Cat Bowls (4 Pieces)
Fujimoto Fat Cat Bowl (4 Pieces)
Blue/white Porcelain Chopsticks
Teacup for Good Health
Dragon Pattern Bowl
Fat Cat Rice Bowls (4 Pieces Set)
Regular price: $11.80
Sale price: $10.00
Celadon Soup/Stew Bowl with Cover (Keep Hot!)
Cobalt Blue Dragonfly Dishes
Polycarbafil (Glass fiber-polymers) Chopsticks
Owl Bowl
Stainless Prep Bowls
Happy Kitty Rice Bowl
Lucky Cat Noodle Bowl
Happy Kitty Noodle Bowls (2 Pieces) (SA-AG-32)
Black/white Weave Texture Bowl
Fine Porcelain Blue Fish Design
Fine Porcelain Blue Fish Design Set
Lucky Cat Porcelain Dish Set