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Chinese Lunch Boxes

Chinese Lunch Boxes
Traditionally in China workers did not eat cold lunches, but instead brought these metal food carriers with multiple layers to heat over a range top stove. Each layer serves to hold either rice, soup, vegetables, meat or fish. The durable stainless steel design is made to last. A tight clasp holds the various layers in place and a sturdy handle makes the lunch box easy to carry. Each layer is 6" diam. x 2" deep. 2-tieró$24.95 (1.75 lbs.), 3-tieró$27.95 (1.75 lbs.), 4-tieró$35 (2 lbs.), 5 tier - not available. Ornate aluminum Thai lunch boxes (right photo): 5" diam. x 4 tiers - $29.95 (1.5 lbs.), 6" diam. x 4 tiers - $35 (1.75 lbs.).

2-Tier Stainless
3-Tier Stainless
4-Tier Stainless
Ornate Thai 4-Tier x 5" diam.
Ornate Thai 4-Tier x 6" diam.