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electric herb pot

electric herb pot

Product Description

The Electric Chinese Medicinal Herb Crock Brewer is an attractive brown-glazed, ceramic crock-pot decorated with a raised, floral design. A large, strong handle allows for easy pouring while the wide lid makes cleaning quick and effortless. Cord reaches 5.5". (5 lb)

How to Use the Medicinal Herb Brewer

Similar to a rice steamer, the herb crock brewer first steams the herbs, and after the steaming is finished, keeps the herbal liquid at a warm temperature for as long as the pot is plugged in. Directions for use are as follows:
  1. First put the herbs into the pot and smooth down until level. Then add the required amount of water (at least four cups) into the pot.
  2. Since there are many different kinds of Chinese herbs and they each have different levels of absorbency, you may have to experiment to find the appropriate amount of water needed for the liquid.
  3. Plug in the pot and the red light for steaming should light up.
  4. After the pot has finished brewing the herbs, the green warmer light will light up and the herbal liquid is ready to consume.
  5. If there is not enough herbal liquid, skim the herbal residue off the top of the water and out of the pot, add more water and brew it a second time.
Cleaning the Crock Brewer
  1. First use a damp cloth to wipe the inside clean. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER.
  2. After cleaning the herbal residue out of the pot, add clean water and plug in to heat it up.
  3. Steam the pot for a few minutes and then unplug, dump out the hot water, add cold water, and use a soft cloth to wipe clean.

DO NOT USE scouring pads or SOS pads inside the pot.