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Stainless Steel USA-Made Wok

Stainless Steel USA-Made Wok

Product Description

For those who prefer not to season a wok or dislike the seasoned, blackened look of traditional woks, this stainless steel wok is definitely the wok for you. Stainless steel is generally more suited to steaming and boiling but due to the heavy gauge (14) of this USA made wok, this wok stir fries with little oil, very efficiently and quickly over high heat without sticking! The heavy gauge allows the heat to distribute evenly for stir-fry. Try one of these woks for stir frying and ideally with a set of Bamboo Steamers for steaming and to make dim sum! Kitchen tested by The Wok Shop staff and this wok woks beautifully. Good value.

Heavy gauge stainless steel wok, USA made, 14" round bottom or flat bottom (specify when ordering). Flat bottom not recommended for glass/ceramic stove tops. $59.95. 6 lbs.

Stainless steel wok lid is available now.


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