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Stove Top Ceramic Casseroles

Stove Top Ceramic Casseroles
Just arrived from China. Stove top ceramic casseroles. Use these casseroles directly on the stove top, gas or electric, for succulent meals. Root vegetables, meats, fish, poultry cooked in ceramic are moist, healthy and delicious.

Medium - 8" diameter x 3" deep, 32 oz. $14.95 5 lbs.

Large - 9" diameter x 3.5" deep, 48 oz. $19.95 6.25 lbs.

Recommended: Heat Diffuser- simmer food slowly and gently, prevents overheating and cracking, promotes even cooking and no boil overs. 8" dia. with collapsible handle $5.95 8 oz.

Heat Diffuser
Heat Diffuser