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Very Sharp Tsuchime Knives

Talented Knife Designer and craftsman, Mr. Masui recently produced more innovative knives. His idea and works are always impressive and different from others. The Tsuchime Series knives are mirror polish,hand-hammered finish with hand contoured wooden handles.

Mr. Masui explains the twinkle brightness is not only for appearance but is functional as well. The finish slices smoother and foods do not stick to the blade. Rust resistant.

Tsuchime Knives Set/A
Set - Santoku & Deba
Tsuchime Knives Set/B
Set - Usuba & Deba
Tsuchime Santoku
Ideal for cutting vegetables, fish, meat
> 6.5" l x 1 -7/8" w, total length 12".
Tsuchime Usuba (Nakiri)
Ideal for cutting vegetables.
> Blade length 7"l. x 2- 1/4"w.,
> Total length 12".
Tsuchime Deba (right hand use)
Ideal for cutting through bones, fish, hard food.
> Blade length 6.5" l x 2" w.
> Total length 12".
Tsuchime Sashimi (right hand use)
Ideal for slicing raw fish.
> Blade length 9" l x 1" w.
> Total length 14".